Real People Real Results
“Like everybody, I need to balance my bank statement, and it’s little lines of writing and numbers, and I have to go back and forth from the computer screen to the bank statement itself. And I was able to balance 4 months of bank statements in a row, because my eyes didn’t get tired! These are the ones that are computer screen distance, and what I did was I put the paper at the same distance as the computer… everything was in focus here… everything was in focus here… I just went back and forth… checked ‘em all off… got it all done, and it worked great!”
- Paul S.
“One of the most important things about fishing is getting these fine lines onto these little hooks… these little eyelets. When I was younger, it was a lot easier. My eyes were pretty good. But right now I need these Hazuki Magnifiers. And I can tie all these little knots as easy as that! I’m an avid fisherman and I’ve tried about everything as my eyes get weaker and weaker. One of the best times for fishing is in the evening when the sun starts to go down. But that creates a lot of glare… these help reduce it, while lifting the light so you can see to tie the line. You put ‘em on… you tie your line… and you’re fishing!!”
- Tom T.
“In the morning, I’m under LED lights in the kitchen, or I’m in front of a computer placing orders, making menu changes. Most of our menu is in Italian… not my first language. These Hazukis just brings things right back to where they’re supposed to be. They absolutely are about making things bigger...

They’re very, very lightweight… they actually look great too! They help me with my productivity all throughout the day. And they don’t break when you step on ‘em!”

- Frank
“My Hazuki glasses have changed the way I can do jewelry. I can do it at any time of day, whether there’s high light or low light, now… because sometimes I like to work at night. These keep my eyes from getting really tired at night. They feel really light and airy, and they sit perfectly on my nose. They feel like a precision piece of equipment. They’re beautiful. I love them!”
- Tricia P.
“I started my cake decorating business about 4 years ago. My eyes have started getting a little bit weaker as time goes on. I love my Hazukis because they have helped me do this fine detail work, such as these little ladybugs on this cupcake, whereas my readers really can’t give me that kind of depth of field that these do. And I love that they’re lightweight… I can wear them all day long, and they look cute, too! I love the red!!”
- Jan S.
“I usually don’t like having glasses on, and these are very lightweight! They’re literally very easy to wear… I like that. Readers used to be just fine. Now they don’t work as well at the computer. But when I wear my Hazukis, images on the computer are just so clear, so distinct, I can see the pictures and read the text in one look without having to get any closer to the screen…”
- Laurie G. & Joyce C.
"With the Hazukis I actually see better. The page becomes lighter, the print becomes not only larger but it also becomes brighter. I wear them all the time. I use it for the computer, I use it for texting, and I use the Hazukis for reading. It’s like, what did I do before I had these? They just work!"
- Lou B.
"I’m very passionate about being a nail artist. With the Hazukis, they magnify perfectly. They can really pinpoint those areas where you’re trying to get into the little nooks and crannies. The nose pads aren’t slippery at all, you don’t really have to worry about them falling off. They’re perfect, I love them!"
- Crystal R.
"Soldering started as a hobby, but it’s become part of my business. Once I hit 40, it was hard to see the little detailed pieces. These Hazukis are great because I can see. I look down and it’s right here! I don’t have to align my head with a magnifying lens to see what I’m doing. And it’s amazing how they polished the edges. It really shows that they put the extra work into these things!"
- Gerard B.
"The Hazukis are awesome! It makes everything look bigger. I love that they’re good for my four kids. They make it so I can see their little nails when I’m cutting them, it makes it just great for getting out splinters. It just makes everything so much clearer!"
- Vanessa G.