Over 4 Million Sold in Japan
Make Everything Bigger, Brighter & Clearer!
See Everything You’ve
Been Missing!
  • Objects Look 160% Larger
  • Crystal-Clear Vision in Any Light
  • Lightweight & Looks Great
  • Block 99% of Harmful UV Light
  • Praised by Many Doctors and Dentists
  • No Prescription Required!
Featuring the Latest in Optometric Technology
Drug-store readers can sharpen hard-to-read print, but only Hazuki MAGNIFIES by 160%!
Words and images on recipes, prescriptions, phone screens,
and more are crisp, vivid, and easy-to-see, even in dim
or low light.
Magnify More Areas
At Once

Crystal-clear, edge-to-edge panoramic vision enlarges up to 2 pages in a single view, with virtually no distortion.

Stay Securely
in Place!

Lightweight construction makes Hazukis comfortable for every day wear, while soft nose pad prevents them from sliding down.

Wear Them However
You Want!
Versatile design flexes to fit any face, over glasses, contacts, or on their own!
To Last

Hazukis won’t break, even if you sit or step on them – they’re virtually indestructible.

Detail Work Is
Fast & Easy!

Hazukis free up both your hands, letting you focus on close-up work without using a magnifying glass or holding frames in place.

Do You Have Difficulty Focusing on Close-up Objects? You’re Not Alone!
At around age 40, most people start noticing blurred vision when reading books, texts, or doing detailed work. 

It’s called Presbyopia, a condition that makes it harder for eyes to clearly see objects up close. Hazuki’s 1.6 magnification lets you easily perform close-up activities like sewing or reading, while the 1.32 magnification is perfect for work on computers or laptops! 

Use them both and see what you’ve been missing!  
Everyone is Raving About Hazuki!
“My readers really can’t give me that kind of depth of field that these do." 

“I started my cake decorating business about 4 years ago. My eyes have started getting a little bit weaker as time goes on. I love my Hazukis because they have helped me do this fine detail work, such as these little ladybugs on this cupcake, whereas my readers really can’t give me that kind of depth of field that these do. And I love that they’re lightweight… I can wear them all day long, and they look cute, too! I love the red!!” 
- Jan S.

“Images on the computer are just so clear, so distinct..." 

 “I usually don’t like having glasses on, and these are very lightweight! They’re literally very easy to wear… I like that. Readers used to be just fine. Now they don’t work as well at the computer. But when I wear my Hazukis, images on the computer are just so clear, so distinct, I can see the pictures and read the text in one look without having to get any closer to the screen…” 
- Laurie G. & Joyce C.

“A precision piece of equipment" 

“My Hazuki glasses have changed the way I can do jewelry. I can do it at any time of day, whether there’s high light or low light, now… because sometimes I like to work at night. These keep my eyes from getting really tired at night. They feel really light and airy, and they sit perfectly on my nose. They feel like a precision piece of equipment. They’re beautiful. I love them!” 
- Tricia P.

Over 4 Million Sold in Japan!